CAUCASUS+ CD is the result of the cooperation of 9 bands coming from 7 different countries (Georgia, Poland, Senegal, Great Britain, Jamaica, the USA and Nigeria) working on 10 amazing, joint music projects. It lasted 10 years until they released teir first CD.

In 2013 Transkaukazja took part in the biggest folk festival in the whole Caucasus - ArtGene. In 2014, during the first edition of the One Caucasus Festival, many joint music projects had their beginning (such as Chveneburebi and Vołosi).


01. Gordela [Georgia] + Pako Sarr [Senegal/Poland] - “Perxuli”
02. Chveneburebi [Georgia] + Psio Crew [Poland] + Mamadou Diouf [Senegal/Poland] - “Sissa”
03. ZumbaLand [Georgia] + Pako Sarr [Senegal/Poland] + Ifi Ude [Poland/Nigeria] - “Chrelo Pepela”
04. Chveneburebi [Georgia] + Vołosi [Poland] - “Nena, Nena” (Live @ TRANSKAUKAZJA 2014)
05. Chveneburebi [Georgia] + Mamadou Diouf [Senegal/Poland] + Warsaw Horns [Poland] + Clive Brown & The Shekinah Singers /rhythm section/ [Jamaica/Great Britain] - “Game Mtashi” (Live @ TRANSKAUKAZJA 2014)
06. Chveneburebi [Georgia] + Clive Brown & The Shekinah Singers [Jamaica/Great Britain] - “We Shall Overcome” (Charles Albert Tindley) (Live @ TRANSKAUKAZJA 2014)
07. Gordela [Georgia] + Pako Sarr [Senegal] - “Teylou”
08. Natural Born Lovers [Georgia/USA] + Warsaw Horns [Poland] - “Hard Way” (Grover McDaniel / T-Bone Walker)
09. 33A [Georgia] + Vołosi [Poland] - “Raodenta” (Live @ Tbilisi Concert Hall, 2011)
10. Clive Brown & The Shekinah Singers [Jamaica/United Kingdom] + Warsaw Horns [Poland] - “Holy, Holy, Holy” (Reginald Heber) (Live @ TRANSKAUKAZJA 2014)




The project is cofunded by Marneuli Municipality, Government of the United States, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw City Hall, Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and French Institute of Georgia