Another Great News! Masala Soundsystem (Poland) - the real masters of mixing various music styles and music cultures will join One Caucasus 2017. But it will be not only their first appearance in Caucasus - but also worldwide premiere of joint music project by Masala Soundsystem and Natig Rhythm Group of Azerbaijan.  

Masala Soundsystem is a musical entity from Warsaw (Poland) with 15 years of musical activity and 10 released albums under its belt. It combines traditional instruments (hurdy-gurdy, jew-harp, sarangi, saz...) and vocal techniques (throat singing) from various parts of the world, with modern drum loops, deep bass and socially conscious street poetry - serving it all with significant pinch of punk energy:


In 2002 famous Polish journalist, writer & traveler Max Cegielski gathered a group of friends to form an ‘oriental’ DJ collective named Masala Soundsystem (Masala = mixture). Their main idea was to present a thrilling selection of folk-soaked party tracks from various parts of the world, totally omitted by the ‘mainstream’ media and to show that cultural differences between nations and races don't have to be a source of conflicts - they can form basis for a fascinating musical dialogue led in the area of music and common joy instead.  This idea is corresponding with our One Caucasus philosophy very well.

The band creates really unique and extraordinary music which is a clash of traditional, oriental string instruments with the modern sounds of turntablism and synths. Beatbox, dhol or drum synths rencontre with oriental drums. Masala’s music is a combination of diverse musical genres and techniques which are less possible to meet together somewhere else.

Crazy and breaking beats, insane energy of electro music and drums, dynamic growing of cultural variety from East to West, from the ancient times and contemporary madness. This  all are even not enough to describe the affluence of emotions from Masala’s music. Masala is a conjunction of old traditions in new ways where music perfectly harmonize and combine into fascinating new form.

Masalas has enormous impact  on national and international media . The tracks always caught media attention and were very often played  on televisions and radios around Poland and beyond.The band played well over 1000 parties and  significant concerts since 2003, participated in the largest and most prestigious Polish and world famous festivals  (Heineken Open'er, Przystanek Woodstock, Multi Kulti Festival – Germany, Cross Club - Czech Republic, A38 - Hungary,   etc).  Bobby Friction made an interview with the members of Masala in BBC Asia after the release of 'Cały Ten Świat' album in 2008. 'As One (Tom Encore Remix)' of 'Inny Świat' remix album was a power play of DJ Nihal's BBC1 show in early 2011. Polish Anti-Fascist Of The Year 2004 award taker.

Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy this extremely inspirational music collective live! For a first time in Caucasus and for the first time with one of the best bands of Caucasus - together on stage.

Book your time now and Join us: August  24-27 in Tserakvi, Marneuli, Georgia, Euroasia.



The project is cofunded by Marneuli Municipality, Government of the United States, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw City Hall, Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and French Institute of Georgia