We are proud to announce first of the headliners of One Caucasus Festival 2017: the leading Polish band that merge folk of Polish mountains with contemporary sound and great energy: Psio Crew!

During One Caucasus 2017 Psio Crew will be working with musicians from Caucasus and beyond. This new international music project will have its premiere at the opening night of One Caucasus (Thursday, 24th of August 2017)!

The origins of Psio Crew reach as far as year 2004 in Bielsko – Biała, Poland. The pioneer fusion of traditional melodies with elements of drum and bass, trip hop and dub moved the music scene among the country and abroad, making the joint of original mountain singing with beat box the recognizable characteristic of the band. It is great news for fans of deeply folk rooted eclectic music – after few years of absence – Psio Crew is back!  

The debut album „Szumi Jawor Soundsystem“ („Sycamore Sough Soundsystem“) released in 2007 – as it says on it’s cover – „raised from need of creativity and joy of experiencing music of old and new times“. It is a proof, that music has no barriers, and can unite (and multiply) audience.

Psio Crew has performed on many international festivals, such as: Siget Festival (Budapest, Hungary), Fusion Festival (Larz, Germany), Open’er Festival (Gdynia, Poland), Woodstock (Kostrzyn, Poland), Terra Polska (Berlin, Germany), Colors of Ostrava (Ostrava, Czech Republic), Art&Craft Fair (Jerusalem, Israel), Bul Bul Festival in Baku (Azerbaijan), Porgy&Bess (Vienna, Austria), Lotos Jazz Festival (Bielsko-Biała, Poland) and in Polish Radio Concert Studio in Warsaw.

In 2006 the band got the award of Majówka Tatrzańska in Zakopane (Poland) and IIIrd award during Nowa Tradycja Feistval (New Tradition) organized by Polish Radio. In
2007 the „Machiner“ award was achieved for „most inteersting debut“ and in 2008 Psio Crew was nominated to the „Fryderyk“ award in two categories: Ethno/Folk
album of the year and New Face of Phonography.

In 2009 the band took part in ArtZona Festival in Tbilisi (festival we organized before conception of One Caucasus) and that's how the amazing version of Mergelian song „Sissa“ was born. Polish-Georgian-Senegalese single - made in cooperation with Chveneburebi (Georgia) and Senegal-born artist Mamadou Diouf was released in 2010.

Currently Psio Crew is reactivated and working on new material, which is about to be released on its second album.

Various songs of Psio Crew were also released on various compilations: ”Nowa Tradycja – Antologia Polskiego Folku” – X Festival „New Tradition“ by Polish Radio; ”The Best of Polish – Ethno, Jazz, Folk”; ”TFF Rudolstadt 2008” – Word/Folk/Roots Music ”TFF Rudolstadt 2008”; ”Polska Rootz”- compilation of polish artists for German market (Eastblock Music); ”Iskra- Gypsy Sound System” – Switzerland released compilation of Folk artis from all over Europe; „Sygnowano Fabryka Trzciny” vol.4 – Warsaw Artistic Center „Fabryka Trzciny” and on our "Caucasus+: Vol.#1: Georgia+" (compilation of various music projects made together by musicians from Georgia, Poland, Senegal and other countries - created during Transkaukazja and One Caucasus festivals).

During One Caucasus Psio Crew will be:

  • Katarzyna „Katka“ Dyga – Szymonowicz – singer
  • Karolina Prochot – singer and violin
  • Mateusz „Gooral“ Górny – synthesizers, electronics, beatbox
  • Mikołaj Stachura – drums
  • Maciej „Kamer“ Szymonowicz – singer, double bass, pipe, beatbox


The project is cofunded by Marneuli Municipality, Government of the United States, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw City Hall, Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and French Institute of Georgia