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Huntertones is a high energy horn-driven band founded in Columbus, OH and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. The band’s signature sound comes from adventurous original compositions and arrangements that meld jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop, R&B, and rock - all written by the band’s frontmen!

Huntertones are: Dan White (saxophones), Jon Lampley (trumpet/sousaphone), Chris Ott (trombone/beatbox), John Hubbell (drums), Adam DeAscentis (bass), Josh Hill (guitar).

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Concert @ One Caucasus 2016 - Thursday 25th, Friday, 26th and Saturday 27th of August, Tserakvi



This August, the best Georgian reggae band is going to make his stage debut at One Caucasus Festival. Together with outstanding musicians from other countries they will create the biggest reggae orchestra ever in Caucasus. REGGAEON includes: Lasha Nozadze (vocals, the group leader), Lasha Skhiladze (drums), Levan Mikaberidze (bass), Vakhtang Tevzadze (piano), Achiko Tsimakuridze (solo guitar), David Khidasheli (saxophone), Nodar Kotrikadze (trumpet), Nicka Tsereteli (sound designer).

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Concert @ One Caucasus 2016 - Friday, 26th of August, Tserakvi



Pako Sarr (Soweto Youth Boys, ARRA, Pako Sarr Band) is an acclaimed artist from Senegal, who is currently residing in Poland. This talented musician, composer and producer is known for his distinctive voice and excellent guitar technique. He sings in Wolof, English and French. His music connects African roots with western influences. He's active on the World Music scene, expressing himself in genres like afro, reggae, soul and rock.

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Concert @ One Caucasus 2016 –Thursday 25th, Friday 26th of August, Tserakvi



Performer, musician and a theatre director. His music is traditional jamaican ska-jazz - a syncopated swing vibe that makes everything moving. Skadyktator conquest the space to free all the minds and souls and put everything in the ska motion. His band - "Cosmic Combo" is created from the best musicians who have their third eye open.

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Concert @ One Caucasus 2016 – Thursday 25th, and Saturday, 27th of August, Tserakvi



Chveneburebi is one of the most acclaimed Georgian male vocal ensemble, specialized in traditional vocal polyphony accompanied by traditional instruments. The group members are representatives of „musical families” originating from different regions of Georgia which results in amazing mix of styles. During performances, apart from music the group presents traditional Georgian outfits – and dances, often involving participation of the audience. Concerts of CHVENEBUREBI bring strong emotions,varying from tears of sadness through meditation to true joy resulting form the music.

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Concert @ One Caucasus 2016 – Thursday 25th of August, Tserakvi



Lelocity is a rising underground band in Armenia which is going to perform at One Caucasus festival's stage this August.
The band started its creative process in Los Angeles while two members of the band - Erik & Lelo were living and gaining experience overseas. After returning back to Armenia they put together this 4 piece band to start playing what they wrote. They are known for their energetic and entertaining live shows. Their music is diverse from upbeat fun rock songs to dramatic alternative rock.
The band participates in all the big festivals in Armenia, what is more, Lelocity performed as a special guest at Caucasian Music Awards Phoenix 2015. 

Concert @ One Caucasus 2016 – Saturday 27th of August, Tserakvi


Team lead by Miki Wielecki – who specializes in congas, bongos, repique, cuica, cajón and other percussion instruments; Cuban and afrocuban music, Brazilian music, salsa, latin-jazz and flamenco. He has recorded over 40 albums and film soundtracks.
During the festival he is going to create the first Caucasus batucada.

Concert @ One Caucasus 2016 – Sunday 28th of August, Tserakvi


Born and raised in Paris, young artist with French/Armenian roots is going to join One Caucasus team during the Festival. He played in semi-professional bands, when he was in France - Rue de l’Hagard (a jazzy/rocky hip-hop combo with refined poetry), and Ghetto Submarine (a funk-rock quintet with saxophone and humoristic lyrics). Two years ago he started drumming in L.S.D - Sound Art Union. Together they play mainly experimental improvisation in a Kraut rock/King Crimson spirit. Since early 2016, he has also started drumming for Manuscript, an alternative rock band with Armenian/English lyrics and a Hendrix cover band.


Georgian Punk Rock Band Formed in 2012.
Members: Luka Gorgodze (Guitar, vocal) Giviko Gabunia (vocal) Dysentery Gary (Drums) Mika Tsverava (Bass Guitar) Giorgi Khvitia (Guitar).


1243K is a multi-national indie rock band formed in Yerevan in 2012. The band started out heavily electronic, but in the last few years has evolved to incorporate electric and acoustic piano (depending on what's available). In the past, 1243K has many different variations, but the current line-up is Armine Ghazaryan (guitar & vocals) and Karine Vann (keyboard & vocals). We sing satirically about universal societal issues through Armenian contexts, that often go unspoken about.


The band was created in Baku, Azerbaijan. The music they play is: acid jazz, folk jazz, mugam jazz, jazz rock, avantgarde, blues. Current they are working on their new album "Sketches of Vagif". Genre of the album is folk jazz, mugam jazz, and acid jazz.
Ahmedowsky Trio consists of 3 musicians: frontman, guitarist - Babek Ahmedowsky; drummer - Khudayat Ahmedowsky; bassist - Raphael Kadyroff



The Artists - Contemporary Art

The Contemporary Art Program of One Caucasus is created by international artists and educators together with the local communities of Marneuli region. Our current artists are; Zorka Wollny (Poland), Gio Sumbadze (Georgia) and Krzysztof Żwirblis (Poland).
You can find out more about their contribution to The Contemporary Art Program of One Caucasus in Contemporary Art article.


The Team

Ladies & gentelmen! Let us introduce you volunteers of One Caucasus Festival 2016




The project is cofunded by Marneuli Municipality, Government of the United States, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw City Hall, Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and French Institute of Georgia